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Carl Zeiss Excimer Laser Machine with wavefront analyser and Topographer


At KELC, we incorporate the latest in Carl Zeiss, German Technology to provide laser correction of spectacle numbers with high degree of precision, speed and safety. We have the state of art customized Wave-front LASIK treatment to give the best ablation patterns, giving the patient a crisp and clear image in all possible conditions.


We have the most advanced laser set up fully equipped with Carl Zeiss MEL 80 Excimer Laser, the WASCA Analyzer (aberrometer), the Atlas II Topographer (Linked to CRS master), OcuLign eye registration and the CRS Master 2 (planning software).

ATLAS™ 9000 Corneal Topography System – Simply Accurate for Maximum Productivity


  • By merging proven ATLAS Placido disk technology with Visante OCT pachymetry, Visante omni now provides comprehensive anterior and posterior topography
  • Proven Placido Disk Technology with patented Cone-of-Focus™ Alignment System
  • SmartCapture™ Image Analysis Technology analyzes multiple images during alignment and automatically selects the highest quality image
  • MasterFit™ II Contact Lens Software helps streamline the fitting of gas permeable (GP) lenses and guides you through difficult and specialty fits
  • Data compatibility with previous generation ATLAS Corneal Topography Systems to facilitate data management and patient follow up



WASCA Analyzer – Precision in Focus


  • Higher order aberrations to understand vision beyond sphere and cylinder optics
  • Highest resolution aberrometer because there is no way around the quality of primary data
  • High dynamic range for reliable examination also for challenging cases
  • Ultrashort measurement time to neglect influence of eye motion and enabling dynamic measurements
  • No artifical pupil dilation required to measure the eye in its most natural condition
  • Zonal reconstruction algorithm to miss no detail in diagnosis
  • Wavefront analysis and vision simulation for the best understanding and communication of results



MEL 80™ Excimer Laser – When you want to see better performance


  • The exceptionally fast MEL 80's short ablation time reduces procedure time for greater patient comfort
  • Shortened stroma exposure time means faster visual recovery
  • Very small 0.7 mm spot permits the finest corrections without losing the benefits of smooth ablation
  • Two specially optimized ablation profiles to choose from help you produce excellent results
  • An active eyetracker with excellent feedback times and an ultrarapid IR camera catching both pupil and limbus provides exact positioning during the laser treatment



CRS-Master™* – Your customized success system


  • Provides full spectrum of customized treatment options in combination with MEL 80 excimer laser, to offer the optimum treatment for every patient
  • Combines conventional refractive surgery with wavefront- and topography-guided surgery, depending on the indication
  • Integrates ocular wavefront and corneal topography diagnostics – covers all steps from initial patient examination to treatment planning and throughout follow-up
  • OcuLign™ eye registration uses anatomical landmarks to provide fully automatic detection and control of the treatment position
  • Ergonomic workstation design and user interface concept enable ease of use and efficient practice workflow





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