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Patient Information


What is lasik surgery?
LASIK stands for Laser Assisted In situ Keratomilieusis. It is laser procedure done to correct spectacle numbers (refractive errors) in the eye.

How does it Works?
Cornea is the transparent layer infront of the eye. It is responsible for focusing the rays of light on the retina (light sensitive layer at the back of the eye). LASIK surgery uses an excimer laser to change the curvature of the cornea, thereby correcting the spectacle numbers. Simply put, the laser carves the spectacle lens on the cornea, eliminating the need to wear glasses.

Is Lasik safe? Does it harm the eye?
Yes LASIK is an extremely safe surgery. Advances in technology have helped make it very safe predictable and accurate. The chances of complications are low and if they do happen, they can be corrected.





What are the types of LASIK surgery?
There are 3 different plans of LASIK surgery treatment available.

    It accurately corrects the normal sphere and cylindrical number

    It corrects the normal sphere & cylinders with a completely aspheric treatment. This improves night vision & lesser corneal tissue is used to get more effect

    It is a tailor-made treatment for the patient’s cornea. Every small error of the patient’s cornea is measured and treated in addition to the sphere & cylinder number. This is called correction of higher order aberrations or errors. The aim is to get a very sharp and clear image on the retina. In many cases, it is known to provide better than normal vision to the patient.






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